What is a Vital Move?

Marketing + Behavioral Science to accelerate your good work

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Chasing funding sucks.

You didn’t get into this work to spend your life worrying about budgets. But instead of leading a movement, you’re stuck in a cycle of scarcity, dreading the next board meeting and scrambling for support.

Why is it so hard to get more people to care about your cause?

Find a Better Way
Is your nonprofit…
Relying on grants and big-money donors that leave you prone to huge holes in your budget?
Running emergency fundraising drives that annoy rather than engage supporters?
Plagued by donors who only give once and then disappear?
Wasting money on random acts of marketing?

You deserve a simple plan to double your recurring donations

We’ll help you build a base of active supporters who actually invest in your mission

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What is Vital Moves?
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We get how hard your job is

We know how frustrating it can be to believe in a cause but struggle to get others to support it.

That’s why we’ve spent the past 15 years building expertise in behavioral science… And translating that into a reliable marketing blueprint. We know what factors lead people to take action and how to use smart digital marketing to grow your base of supporters over time.

BJ Fogg Certified Behavior Design Guide
Certified StoryBrand Guide
DigitalMarketer Certified Partner
Our frameworks have engaged over 145,000 people worldwide
20+ years of nonprofit experience
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This isn't your grandpa's marketing

Escape the trap of throwing money at black-box efforts with vague results. We’ll hone your strategy so it’s simple, clear, and effective.

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Based on Behavioral Science
Most nonprofit advisors focus on people’s motivation to get involved. Our approach is to focus on ability and triggers. Increasing someone’s ability to help means making it clear exactly what they can do, and giving then an easy way to get started.
Focused Activities
Finding your Vital Move (the first thing you want supporters to do) means you can then target all your marketing to get more of that. If your marketing seems complicated, you likely only have a vague notion of “we want more people to help us.”
Repeatable Process
Most nonprofits are stuck in a cycle of one-off campaigns. We’ll help you map out a quarterly rhythm of affordable, consistent approaches to reliably grow your support base.
Clear Results
No more fluffiness or finger-crossing. We’ll track and adjust our efforts based on clear metrics, and help you create monthly data reports you can send to your board with pride.

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It’s simple to build your community of reliable backers

Admit you’re ready for help
If fundraising and supporter cultivation feel like a distraction, it’s time to get the right team. We’ll help build the army so you can focus on the mission.
Unlock your Vital Move
We’ll uncover the gateway call-to-action that builds a true community around your cause. Then we’ll amplify it far and wide with smart digital marketing.
Watch the momentum build
Your mission gets easier with the right support. Get ready to celebrate as you smash your donation goals, sell out your next gala, or start a waitlist for your volunteer projects.
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It's simple to get the help you need

We offer three packages to steer your organization from here to thriving

Vital Moves Workshop


Starting from $1K/month

Half-day with your team
Clarify the one action you want supporters to take (other than donating)
Leave with a clear plan to update your website, content, and emails
Align your team around a common goal
Foundations Plan


From $5000/month

Half-day Vital Moves Workshop PLUS
Landing page copy
One quarter of email and blog content
Custom funnel simulator and reporting tools
Optional: Search Engine Marketing
Full Service Fresh Start


Contact us for pricing

All aspects of the Foundations Plan, PLUS
StoryBrand Workshop to clarify your message
Website creation
Landing page setup
Customer data platform and marketing automation setup
Other marketing services available
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Most nonprofits exhausts themselves chasing funding. What if there's a better way?

At Vital Moves, we know you’d rather be a movement-leader than a money-chaser. You’re at the helm of your organization for a reason: to achieve its mission.

The problem is, you’re spending way too much energy convincing people to invest in your work. It’s frustrating and stressful not having enough people to jump in and help when you need them.

We believe your mission deserves an army of active supporters taking action and donating regularly.

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That’s why we’ve spent the past 15 years building expertise in behavioral science and translating that into a predictable messaging and marketing blueprint. We know what factors lead people to take action and how to use a reliable digital marketing approach to efficiently grow your base over time.

By finding the perfect gateway call-to-action, you can focus on building a growing community for stable and growing revenue.

Schedule a call now, so you can stop running time-bound campaigns to fill urgent funding gaps. Instead, invest in a long-game strategy that keeps your coffers full and your mission moving.

Tired of feeling under-resourced?

Attract an army of supporters your nonprofit can count on.